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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  May 30, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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chemicals with a timer. queue 91. hazmat is pulling out all the stops. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ did this man kill his three-year-old little boy? a jury says they cannot agree on a verdict, and so tonight, a judge wants them to keep on trying. also tonight -- >> i know i want justice for my
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kid. i want justice for my son. >> just 14. he wasn't even in high school yet and someone gunned him down. the search for whomever killed 14-year-old tymeer. >> now fox 29 news at ten. 14 years old murdered. it's a crime that's hard to even wrap your head around. right now a mother is living that nightmare. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. she says her son has never been in trouble before and she wants to know why he got shot. our dave schratwieser is live outside philadelphia police headquarters and, dave n mother is heart broken and looking for answers. >> reporter: iain, she's also looking for justice tonight. she says her son is an excellent football player. he loved boxing. she says he was simply on the way to cookout last night and to play video games when he was gunned down and she has no idea why someone would want to murder her son. >> i'm living in my worst nightmare. if anybody ever wanted to see me
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hurt, it was well accomplish. >> reporter: for frazier the pain of losing her oldest son was almost too much to bear. she spoke with fox 29 on her way to a vigil for 14-year-old tymeer the light of her life. a young man who lit up the room when ever he walk in. >> my son's smile, his jokes and he was an excellent big brother to his younger siblings. >> reporter: tymeer was gunned down on the 2,000 block of east orleans street near frankford monday night around 9:30. his mother says tymeer was a mentor to her three other children. he played football and loved boxing. he was two weeks away from finishing the eighth grade. >> he was supposed to graduate next month on the ninth. you know, going high school. he was going to play football. >> reporter: police say lone gunman walked up the block on east orleans, stepped in between two parked cars and fired six or seven shots. wounding tymeer's 16-year-old friend and striking tymeer in the back. >> never been in trouble a day in his life with the law. so it's hard to imagine that he was the target.
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but we don't know. >> tymeer was a good kid, you know, he was doing this thing with bocking. he wasn't street kid. >> reporter: terrell evans says tymeer was good friend. she always look out for each other. so he helped put together this memorial. >> sad situation. like a young kid over nothing and he had a future and oh bright future at that. >> reporter: police believe someone on the block may have information on the shooter. they say that person needs to step forward. >> we need somebody to call us and tell hughes did this. >> i know that i want justice for my kid. i want justice for my son. >> reporter: now $20,000 reward in this case the senior old who was wounded was interviewed here at the homicide unit this afternoon. police say they're looking for surveillance video and at this point they have no motive for this murder. iain. >> dave, thank you. breaking news out of roxborough right now. our dave kinchen on the scene of a hazmat investigation. >> dave, you've been talking to investigators. what are they telling you? >> reporter: yeah, still very
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active scene. let me step out of the way all of this taking place in a second floor of a house right here on the 200 block of roxborough avenue. police tell us that an officer was flagged down as we go to video here flagged down after a person notice add bucket of chemicals with a timer attached to it. cops say that timer turned out to be a thermometer. firefighters came by and found that this was the making of what's called a clandestine lab a lab of some sort where some experiments taking place. it was feared by neighbors to be a meth lab but police say that is not the case. they say it's not a meth lab. not an illegal operation rather some kind of an experiment that is student set up at a house. hazmat is here cleaning it all up. firefighters say that they of course were called out but they did not issue an transports and they did not evacuate anyone& here as we come back live now you can see all of the responders homeland security was called out. bomb squad called out. hazmat cleaning all of this in the 200 block of roxborough.
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back to you. >> dave, thank you. also breaking to night in florida, police say a man with a gun orlando international airport is contained and talking with a crisis negotiator. this is happening in the rental car area. it's not clear if the manmade any specific threat but police say no shots have been fired and that there have been minimal disruptions to operations. a camden county jury deciding the fate of a man accused of killing his son is having trouble coming up with a verdict they toll the judge late this afternoon the judge told them to come back tomorrow and try again. prosecutors say david creato killed his three year old son brendan to save his relationship with his then girlfriend it is clear jurors have been reviewing again and again elements of the case. a lot of times the same particular things. well today they asked to see snap chat logs of creato logging into his girlfriend's account. they asked to hear the recording of police telling him that his little boy was dead. police found brendan's body in a
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wooded area of haddon township in october of 2015. creato's lawyer says the boy must have wandered off. 7eleven clerk is recovering after being shot during a robbery in tacony. the victim says two guys with masks bust into the store along the 6900 block of torresdale avenue overnight. one of the robbers first fired a shot into the ceiling then demanded money. then the gunman shot the clerk in the arm. the two robbers ran off with some cash. the clerk is now in stable condition. happening right now a busy night for philadelphia fire investigators. they are trying to point what started a fire that killed a grandmother and her two children on burke street in north philly. firefighters say it's too early to tell. >> but one family member says that he's got a theory. fox 29's jeff cole reports from north philadelphia. >> reporter: mourners for the three victims of sunday's fire lit candles at make shift memorial just feet from the charred building. >> tell me about her. >> i can't. >> reporter: this woman a
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neighbor says she spoke to the 52-year-old victim monique gellery and her two grandchildren nine-year-old prudence and seven-year-old dean figueroa who also perished just days earlier. >> please mommy, mommy, can you help me, mommy, please. they was asking for help. >> flames engulfed the three-story brick just before 5:00am. neighbors say the children's mother who also lived here jumped out this back window to escape. late morning, and gellery's father 80-year-old paul said he wanted to show us something. he walked us to what looks to be a gas can up against a side wall of the burned structure with two charred boards covering it. >> i never seen this can there before. and i know it has liquid in it. i touched it like this. there's something in there. >> reporter: gellery had says he's here all the time to work on a side lot says he feared someone set the fire which
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claims his daughter and great-grandchildren. >> i'm almost certain this was started. >> reporter: you think this was an arson fire, somebody set this fire. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: he also talks of a fight out front of the home the night before. we ran gellery's claims passed the city's fire commissioner and and showed him a picture of that gas can. he says it's far too early to say what caused this deadly inferno. >> but it's much too early to be able to corroborate or speculate about anything that happened. >> reporter: again, we have shown the fire commissioner a picture of that gas can and described to him and his people where it sits on this property. all this as the investigation gets underway. in north philly, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. things are pretty clear on your radar tonight finally. live look at the ben franklin parkway. not bad night to be out and about. but tomorrow might be a little dicey meteorologist kathy orr is here. so first we've got the fog and then we've got i guess storms.
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>> yeah. more showers. >> um-hmm. some areas of fog tonight damp and dreary. that mist it was spitting outside tonight. ultimate doppler shows a few more spotty showers but more rounds of rain with a cold front to the northwest that eventually will move through and end this misery we do have severe storm threat tomorrow. north and west of philadelphia for damaging winds and also the possibility of hail ahead of that cold front. so coming up more storms in our future. a thursday thrill you'll like that one and a less than perfect weekend it's only a couple days away. short work week. we'll have that coming up later in the broadcast with your seven day for now we'll send it back to you. >> thanks kathy. president trump's personal lawyer is now caught up in the crosshairs of the on-going probe into russia. michael cohen is considered to be one of the president's closest confidants and cohen reportedly rejected requests for cooperation in the congressional investigation into russian efforts to influence the 2016 campaign. also, president trump's senior adviser and son-in-law jared
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kushner says he's eager to cooperate with investigators ass the white house continues to take questions about what the president knew about any back channel communications with russia. >> i think that assumes a lot and i would just say mr. kushner's attorney has said that mr. kushner volunteered to share with congress what he foes about these meetings. >> meantime, today between all the questioning white house communications director mike dubke announced that he is stepping down. comedian kathy griffin is apologizing for offensive picture showing her holding a bloody severed head of president trump. >> she pulled the tweet. we warn to warn you the picture was extremely disturbing. it was part of a photo shoot with photographer tyler shields and tonight she says she made a mistake. >> i went way too far. the image is too disturbing. i understand how it offends
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people. it wasn't funny. i get it i've made a lot of mistakes in my career. i will continue. i ask for your to have giveness. >> tmz reached route to drummed jr. he called the picture disgusting but not surprising this is the left today. they consider this acceptable. former first daughter chelsea clinton is outraged as well. tweeting, this is vile and wrong. it is never funny to joke about killing a president. we have new information tonight in the murders of a brother and sister in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. police say they have found no sign of forced entry. another sister found the bodies in the home along the 1800 block of east clearfield street. police say someone shot the 54-year-old man and his 49-year-old sister. search for who did it continues. unreal. a massive brawl spilled into a delaware street just a mess. why did this happen? well because a couple of people got denied at a party. one dad's message to pop
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star ariana grande after that deadly attack at her concert in manchester england. it's not your fault and your fans, they're not going anywhe anywhere. well said. rocky fenced in. yeah. no way to take your picture with philly' ice connick boxer. what is a tourist to do? we've got a solution. [ laughter ] >> kind of. ♪
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police are hoping phone video can help them catch a case a big brawl in newark, delaware. >> the search is on after a house party went horribly wrong.
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>> fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us now from newark with more. shawnette. >> reporter: well horribly vong exactly right. this doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. you don't get into a party so you leave, then come back and start a fight. at that point, you know you're not getting in. well this video we're about to show you shows about a dozen people who were involved ton night police want to know who they are. >> violent video going viral for all the wrong reasons. a fight spills out on to north chapel hill street in newark outside of a house party. >> they just fighting. just fighting. >> i showed the video to patricia hill she was out with her granddaughter tuesday evening. >> disgusting. it's awful. the way our kids are fighting each other today. >> reporter: police released the video hoping to identify those involved. investigators say the suspects weren't allowed at the party. so they left and came back with more people and began to attack others. it happened around 2:30 the morning of may 21st. >> it's bad. i mean it's something that
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shouldn't be. >> reporter: kevin hopkins is concerned seeing the video. >> just so many things that, um, affects the young people to do wrong things, you know. from tv to the music, um, can't discipline your kids no more like you used to, um, it's just hard. i mean other kids -- listen to other kids more so than their parents today. >> reporter: police haven't said the age range of the people at the party or suspects but hill says preventing violence like this starts witness young people. >> takes a village to raise one child and it really does. a lot of the parents doesn't get involved with their children. >> reporter: it's unclear whether anyone was hurt during this fight but police again need your help identifying those who were involved. so if you can help them, call them. lucy? >> all right thank you very much, shawnette defense attorneys and prosecutors have settled on a jury in the case against a man who prosecutors say sexually assaulted six young sisters.
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lee kaplan is facing a long list of charges after police found 11 girls ages sticks 18 living in his feasterville home last june. prosecutors say kaplan assaulted six of them including one whom he impreganted twice. authorities say the parents of that girl gave her to kaplan after he helped them financial financially. opening statements begin tomorrow. ariana grande is returning to manchester. less than two weeks after that deadly terrorist attack at her concert. she's going to put on a charity concert on sunday and a along with other artists justin beib beiber, cold play, katie perry, usher. and proceeds from that show will go to an emergency fund for those impacted by the bombing. the city of manchester and the british red cross is behind the fund and meanwhile a georgia father showing support for the pop star in a public letter. >> the dad wants to make it clear that grande has nothing to be sorry about. now he wrote the letter after grande tweeted an apology after
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the attack and in part the dad wrote you see you are no more responsible for the actions of an epp sane coward who committed an evil act in your proximity than you would be for a devastating natural disaster or acts of morons near your hotel. he offers this advice. take care of you first. your fans aren't going anywhere. a two week repair project has landed a knock out blow to camera toting tourists looking for a picture in front of philadelphia's iconic rocky steps. back in april rocky steps were fenced off for the nfl draft. the statue is off limits again. >> we asked our bruce gordon to check it out and see if he can maybe do something to help bring the situation into focus. >> i just literally came into philadelphia like one hour ago and first thing i wanted to do was come here. >> reporter: this man was among the last to have his picture taken beside the rocky statue for now at least. the 22-year-old bolgarian
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working at the maryland shore this summer but wouldn't have missed this for the world. >> it's just a lifetime mission for me to make it here and be able to take picture with sylvester stallone. climb the steps and all of that. >> reporter: rocky is getting some rehab or more accurately the area around the statue is being upgraded. and so by midday workers were erecting fence as a gut punch to most photographers for the next two weeks or z some of the last minute shutter bugs weren't quite sure why they were hear. >> it's cool to be able to see something that most people are excited to see. so -- >> reporter: are you excited to see it? >> um, mildly. [ laughter ] >> reporter: by mid afternoon the fencing was complete. one of the most photographed sites in philly was officially off limits. being the helpful sort i naturally stepped in to replace rocky to sub for sylvester. i was if you'll pardon the expression a knock out. >> where you from? >> brazil. >> this is how we treat our scottish visitors this is for
10:19 pm
our friends in belgium. admit it lady do i like marmose queue lauer than one back there. >> there you go. >> you're much more handsome. as for couldn't is it a dean as far as he's concerned no bocking ring or chain linked fence can contain the rocky legend. >> he's bigger than life. he motivates you. makes you try to chief greatness. >> reporter: the work is likely to take about two weeks. until then it is technically possible to get photo over here. jut if you're tall enough hold the camera up over the chain linked fence but a quality selfie, well for the time being that is going to be a heck of a challenge. on the parkway i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> so he tried to get bruce,. >> no challenge for bruce. >> to stay there so he can continue taking those selfies with all the tourists. we don't want this disappointed. remember what he asked us about his six pack. >> it's a keg. >> that's what he said. >> that's stallone has a six pack he's got the keg these days. >> exactly. >> bruce may go back there tomorrow. >> i think he could have a wonderful side job. >> exactly. all right.
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so it's turning into a new playground for local children, right? you know, it's a slide and got monkey bars all kinds of kid stuff. so why are neighbors upset? all right. look at the pavement. it's moving. wait for it. look at that. it's a water pipe bursting underground and the street is now covered in mud. >> probably not even a street any more. right? >> ♪
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>> incredible scene in the capital of ukraine. a water pipe burst causes violent underground explosion debris flying everywhere and roads get filled with muddy water. nearby homes and vehicles were damaged. thankfully no one was hurt. ♪ happening right now, new playground comes to a neighborhood it's usual al very good thing. but playground construction at a south philadelphia school is turning into aubade battle. >> a long way awaited project is dividing the neighborhood. our dawn timmeney explains what has some residents so upset. >> people who live very close to the school feel they were just left out of the loop. they are totally in favor of the playground but they have a whole lot of questions they answered. >> it's been six years in the making. construction finally getting underway earlier this month on a $190,000 playground at the elementary school. the project at sixth and carpenter in south philadelphia, however, has some neighbors upset. candy kenny has lived here for 17 years.
10:24 pm
he's not against the playground but. >> -- we want them to have a place to play. we don't want public urination, homeless, graffiti, late night basketball, drugs. report roar those who live in close proximity think the hours need to be regulated and wonder who will be in charge. >> the problem there's no one to take care of it. there's no one to watch it. there's no panel to say who will lock the gate hook will unlock the gay. when it's open, when it's not open. >> reporter: new mom, maria, welcomes the space but worries about security good i was a public schoolteacher in new york city and we definitely had some issues with public grounds that had access to.around the school- >> reporter: but this father of two says he's thrilled to have a playground right at his doorstep and doesn't know what all the fuss is about. >> i'm happy to see the space is going to get used better. it will be better utilized for the kids during school the neighborhood after school. >> reporter: philadelphia city councilman squilla is a huge
10:25 pm
proponent. he feels miscommunication cribbed to the neighborhood did he vied but says it's being addressed. >> we know we're going to have it locked up at night. nothing good happens between 10:00 o'clock at night and 6:00 o'clock in the morning in may ground. so i think the city knows that. the school district knows that. so we're going to make sure that this place is safe. >> reporter: the city says a task force is going to be formed to work on the exact hours of operation. who will be in charge if there's a problem and who will open and lock the place. construction should be complete by the end of june and hopefully it will be a big positive for everyone in the community. iain? >> thanks, dawn. i'm sure you'll keep your eye on this one fours. ♪ he was not drunk. but police say tiger woods was passed out behind the wheel and didn't know what city he was in. so what was in his system? >> what a welcome. water cannons an big party at philadelphia's airport. all right, chris. what's the big deal. >> wahoo. >> reporter: that's right a new airline taking flight out of philly, guys, how does iceland
10:26 pm
sound this time of year? >> great. >> reporter: i'll bring you back here coming up in a life report. ♪
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philadelphia police are looking for a man threatened to shoot a wawa clerk in wyssonoming. this happened sunday on harbison avenue. the clerk told police the man went behind the counter and picked up two boxes of cartons of cigarettes when the clerk confronted him, she says the guy claimed he had a gun and and took off with the cigarettes. tiger woods did he did not have any alcohol in his system at the time of the dui arrest oh on memorial day. woods blamed what happened on prescription drugs. jupiter, florida, police officer says woods was asleep at the wheel pulled off to the side of a six lane road early in the morning. his car engine was runnin runnit blinker was flashing. police report says he thought he was in los angeles. the report says woods speech was slurred and he had trouble keeping his eyes own. police say he told officers he has prescriptions for four dru drugs. woods had fourth back surgery last month. now in a statement woods said in
10:30 pm
part, i understand the severity of what i did and i take full responsibility for my actions. he set for arraignment in july. now our joyce evans has been talking with a pharmacist about the drugs lift listed oh and that police report. joyce. >> reporter: lucy there's still a lot we still don't know about exactly what may have put tiger woods in the condition that police found him. was he that impaired when he first got behind the wheel? did he take just one drug? was eight combination? could could it have been something else? >> it's very possible that this was taken and the person didn't know the side effects of it or didn't experience before and it hit him. >> reporter: richard ost of the philadelphia pharmacy taking a look at the list of four medications released after the dui arrest of tiger woods. >> what could that be? >> i wouldn't even be able to case. >> tour rick. >> approved in 80 countries but not approved in the united states. >> reporter: he says it's an anti-inflammatory. so is solar rex.
10:31 pm
>> that's not something that's abusable type of drug like a celebrex. >> reporter: vioxx discontinued years ago he says but woods reported hal not used that one in quite awhile. the one medication by itself that concerned him the opioid painkiller vicodin. >> and patients should be cautioned when they get the vicodin to be cautious operating heff heff row machinery or cars or anything like that before they know how it reacts in their system. >> reporter: he says one medcation or a mixture may have varying reactions. depending on many different things in different people. including what's in your stomach. or not. >> it would have mattered how much he ate that day, yes. what would have been more important is how long has he been taking it? we don't know what else he was prescribed, what else he might have been taking, what else happened in his system. um, you know, i've got to think four back surgeries, he was at some time on some major pain medicine. how he managed it, i don't know. >> reporter: maybe he was
10:32 pm
lucky this time. >> i think so. i think he was very lucky. i think he was very lucky. second killed somebody. >> reporter: including himsel himself. >> including himself, yes. >> reporter: richard os. pharmacist added that waking tiger up and forcing him to stand, to walk tox move about even taking him through the process of arresting him may have been the best thing that could have happened to tiger woods in that moment. luce glee he's saying what happened to him, joyce, actually could have helped safe his life? >> reporter: waking him up, get him moving, get him drinking water, whatever they did could have been better than just lying there. >> joyce, thank you very much. >> um-hmm. happening now, in camden, some pro marijuana advocates are making a push for legalization in new jersey. a town hall was held tonight to talk about drug reform and they talked about access to medical marijuana. they also discussed decriminalization for recreational use. are you looking to get somewhere really far away. >> well you can now escape to
10:33 pm
iceland pretty easily if you fly out of philadelphia international airport. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live from the airport. chris, this is great news for folks who love to travel but have a budget to keep. >> reporter: yeah, this is really good news for those who love to travel. it really is a big deal. just about two hours ago, the inaugural flight flew from philadelphia international airport to rake company vick international in iceland and kicked off a major celebration here a new area rah of travel here out of philadelphia and for travelers some options if you want to go to europe. >> would you like a soft pretzel. >> hey philly you might amount to brush up on your ice land dick because there's a new airline in town. traditional water cannons saluted the inaugural rival flight of iceland air night 1829 into philly. >> it's been the top of my buck list for about ten years. >> reporter: kristin and
10:34 pm
justin are from milwaukee and they're making the inaugural departing trip iceland. >> we're excited to go and explore the country and we love to camp. we're outdoors see. >> reporter: it has become a popular lay over for travelers easy first stop used as major gateway to europe. >> you get a chance to take one ticket travel and see the wonderful sites in iceland. stay over for like maximum seven days, and then go to 25 other cities in europe. >> philly is the 14th us city the airline is planted roots. travel agent diane bittingly ton booked 15,000 flights a year to iceland. >> it's unique, it's beautiful, and the scenery and the northern lights. >> we have a small city with everything a city needs. if you like good food or go out for drinks or something, but then you can be on top of a glacier or down in geo thermal pool. >> reporter: after spending two face here the mayor says
10:35 pm
he's now down with the philly jawn. >> where can i get a good cheesesteak? >> philadelphia. >> there you have it. from the mayor. now iceland air now has four departing trips to from philadelphia how much you may ask? i did a little digging online. i found a trip in october round trip for 700 bucks. as they say in ice land dick, guys, mk slant. >> not bad. >> he's already speaking island dick. >> you should have asked the mayor with or without with his cheesesteak. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> i love that. >> thanks, chris. >> jawn and see what happened with that. >> chris o'connell thank you very much. >> singer olivia newton john is battling breast cancer again. to weeks ago the singer postponed her concert tour because of back pain. doctors have since discovered
10:36 pm
she has cancer that has spread to the base of her spine. publicist says newton john will undergo radiation therapy and hopes to return to the stage later this year. newton john battled breast cancer in 1992. remember when you were starving in chipotle sounded like a good idea. turns out your credit card may have just gotten hacked. yeah. >> take a good look at your tv. that is not photo shopped. i hope he's okay. it's a bull frog. weighs 13 pounds. let that sink in for a second. 13-pound bull frog. jeremiah was a bull frog. >> ♪
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big milestone for u.s. military tonight. >> just intercept add missile big deal with what's happening in north korea right now. score one for the missile inter center system. the u.s. launched the inter center from vander burg air force base in california and it took out missile launched from the marshall islands. that is a long way away there in the south pacific. the military programmed that missile coming off of martial islands to act like an inter continental ballistic missile and there's very good reason for it much it's to practice intercepting missiles launched by north korea which has been saying it wants to blow up the us. this us test came one day after
10:40 pm
north korea conducted another test of its own firing off a missile which landed in japanese waters. former panama dictator manuel noriega is dead after decades in prison the war on drugs he shifted from ally and informant for american intelligence agencies to a tipster for the drug cartel served 17 year prison sentence in the us before being taxi dieted to panama his death is believed to be connected to brain surgery complications. he was 83 years old. the saying goes, everything is bigger in texas. apparently that includes frogs as well. check this out. hunter says he caught this 13-pound bull frog. i don't know if they get to be 13 pounds. any way lost people wondering if this is real or photo shopped. i was one of them. the south texas wildlife association posted on their facebook page that, yeah, it's legitimate but they say because the guy was holding the frog closer to the camera looks a little bigger than it actually is. >> poor frog. all right. anyhow. if you ate at chipotle in
10:41 pm
the past month and used credit card to pay for your meal the company says hackers may have gotten their hands on credit card information. possible breach happened between march 24th and last tuesday. chip potty system offering a tool to help you check if this breach affects your card we've got the link on our website all righty. kathy, round about now isn't it supposed to feel like summer? >> it's supposed to. but it certainly doesn't, yes. it's, um, i think you'd call it gray may. >> gray may. >> more storms moving in. we'll time that out for you coming up and take a look at the weekend. not so great. the seven day is next.
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the site of the country's worst nuclear power accident could soon shut down. excelon corp. owns three mile island near harrisburg. it says the plant will close in 2019 unless pennsylvania includes nuclear power in the state's alternative energy ambitions. three mile island had partial partial melt down at one of its reactors in 1979. >> you call it terrorism. i've call it patriotism. you hear me? >> define suspect in court today. facing a judge for murder charges. jeremy joseph christian accused of fatally stabbing two men on
10:45 pm
train in portland, oregon the two men police say were defending two passengers who witnesses say christian harassed with hate speech. almost two years ago we told you about a family enduring a near tragedy what they have done in the many months since is nothing short of amazing. their daughter nearly drowned. she's still recovering but as bill anderson shows us this family is all about the positi positive. >> they found strength that their family and motivation to help others for goodness sake. ♪ >> we ran up the steps and were were one we got up to the bathroom brad pulled her out and she was blue. she didn't have any heart rate. she was dead. >> ali turn turner had been a loan in the bathtub for few minutes not unusual for a seven year old. doctors still don't know how but it was long enough for her to go under the water and stop breat breathing. >> we did cpr. brought her back. >> she was alive but the time underwater led to brain damage and doctors questioned whether ali would ever recover.
10:46 pm
>> we thought that we were going to have to take her off life support because she was on maximum life support at chop. >> reporter: faced with making the most difficult decision a parent could ever face, they stuck by two words that they shared with their daughter every day. >> any time that we would have to leave her bed whether like to go to get a shower or to talk to the doctors whatever, we would say just fight, baby girl. just fight. >> just fight. it became a movement of t-shir t-shirts, motivational messages and community support. >> good job. >> they decided to give alley a chance to fight at least in part because she showed she wanted to. >> alley would get checked by neurology and she wouldn't have any reflexes. they had to talk with us about maybe withdrawing care. the next morning the lady walks in to do reflex test again alley kicked her in the face. >> really? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's now been over a year since alley left the hospital and although she has a
10:47 pm
long journey ahead her parents are inspired every day by her fighting spirit. >> life is different. it really is. but we have her and she works hard every day to get her recovery as far as she can. >> turners experienced how the overwhelming love and support alley received makes a major difference just fight is now a non-profit organization so that other families who may not have the type of support they received can still get what they need. >> whether it be the first weekend in the picu or two years down the line and they need therapy equipment, we want to be that foundation that can say, hey, you know, this is what you need, you'll have it. >> even as they face their own struggle the turners choose to help others like they were helped inspire others to like their daughter just fight for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> two words inspired movement
10:48 pm
really and alley family is holding a fundraiser the details are on our website. head to fox >> awesome. what is on your radar? hello, trenton. always a pretty shot of the capitol right but the skies may not look too pretty tomorrow. kathy is tracking storms. details just 15 seconds away. in weather tonight we're talking about some patchy fog, damp and dreary weather in old city philadelphia the temperature still 61 degrees and those numbers won't change that much tonight. winds out of the east northeast keeping on shore flow that ocean influence and that's not going to change. right now 61 in philadelphia. 60 in hammonton. down the shore temperatures in the 60s. the ocean water temperature up
10:49 pm
to 61 degrees. that happens when you have the on shore flow milder water moving toward the shore line. temperatures are going to be mild tonight. you'll see the cloud cover as well. we're seeing some showers in baltimore, washington that will make it across the eastern shore and spotty showers in delaware tonight. elsewhere, we're going hour by hour and during the day tomorrow see spotty showers developing late in the morning but by the afternoon if we see any sunshine thunderstorms possibly popping up. south and east of philadelphia. and then as a front approaches, another round moving through during the nighttime hours. we do run the risk of severe weather. a marginal risk mainly to the north and west of the city. for damaging winds and also the possibility of hail. so keep that in mind. all of this ahead of this frontal boundary mind it high pressure builds in. fair weather. we get more avenue west northwesterly wind. sunny and bright for your thursday. the pick of the week we do really break the pattern because after this, it's a little bit
10:50 pm
more pleasant and drier in our forecast. during the day tomorrow the temperature 79 degrees. morning clouds patchy fog afternoon showers and storms. but definitely not a wash out. a decent day and then only gets better on your seven day. thursday it's just going to be great day to be outside. 80 degrees we're giving that perfect ten. friday mostly sunny 82. saturday partly sunny, so it looks dry until sunday then we run the risk of afternoon showers maybe some storm. cloudy monday but mild. tuesday 72 mostly sunny. it's almost as if we flip a switch. june begins and just like that the sun comes out and it's 80 degrees. you can't beat that. good golfing weather as well, sean bell. >> perfect golfing weather. but i know that's iain's thing right now. that's what he wants to do. eagles, fletcher cox is back at the move have a care complex and jim schwartz needs his 100 million-dollar man to be there. schwartz talks about what he needs from his defensive line, plus the phillies month of may continues to get worse and see why they may have lot of more than just a game today.
10:51 pm
that's coming up next in sports. oo, yeah. are you ready for a rush? yes, yes i am. you're in for a treat. fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! pretty fast, huh? fast play. play fast. win instantly.
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♪ eagles starting their second week of ota' and a bunch of guys not at work out today.
10:54 pm
jason peters be a accept fort second week in row. vinnie curry, will he garrett blunt and bunch of other guys missing in act. they call it voluntary but a all know it's not really voluntary. he is special physical you're getting paid $100 million. fletcher cox missed last week and caught a lot of flack for it. he said he was with the family the the coaches new and he said he's ready to go to work now and even though he made the pro bowl last year the eagles need him to be monster this season. defensive line wasn't good enough in 2016. today defense coordinate jim schwartz said the guys need to not only get pressure but get to the quarterback and get that quarterback on the ground. >> i've always told our defense that the engine that runs our defense is our defensive line and our pass rush. and we need to be consistent from week to week. we need to find ways to have guys be consistent. >> when you look at it each guy individually we're very very talented up front. um, i think where we can take that next level when they learn how to rush together and, you know, almost unself fishily i
10:55 pm
think they become a more productive group. >> the phillies month of may has been awful. they lost nine straight series. we have the worse record in baseball today they got smacked with the team with the second worse record. vinceville lasques might be gone for awhile. he throws a pitch and grabbed his hip afterward. but he actually strained his white elbow. he would leave the game because of that. a couple batters later hernandez with a bad error right here. that would bring home a run making it two-zero in the third juan carlos stanton two run home. that made it four-zero. phils lose seven-two. they lost ten straight series. they didn't within a series in the month of may. nationals bryce harper four game suspension for rushing the mound right here. and punching hunter strickland in a game yesterday. stick land hit harper with a 98 miles per hour fast ball but only suspended sick games which is ridiculous because for relief
10:56 pm
pitcher that's essentially only a game or two. both players plan to appeal. >> to little nba i'm all about earning everything you get. there's no freebies in this world especially in sports. that's why i love my guy joe well embiid check this out embiid on the court get that out of here. joke i know i'm playing one-on-one with a kid but i don't care. okay. i don't care how old are you. two years old, eight years old, 20 years old. i'm not allowing that in my house. okay. iain, that's how you teach kids. >> that is the way. >> our producer tom srendenschek let him get the lay up. that's mean. >> no. no participation award. >> that's right. >> it's about competition. >> come back to me when you got skills. [ laughter ] exactly it will be better for him in the long run. it seems hard now. it will be better for you in the long run. >> lucy, are you globe i'm okay. >> thanks. >> next at 11:00, we're talking
10:57 pm
to a local mom who has just lost her son. he was 14 in middle school. someone shot him and police aren't sure yet who. his mom is talking to us about her son's life taken too soon. also got your wake up weather and the seven day forecast in the first five minutes, and your mega million lottery drawing is next. are allergies holding you back?
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